About Us

Bueno is a Hispanic influenced brand that aims to create products for good people by good people.  For us, dedication lies within our heritage, storytelling, individuality and emotions all while celebrating the rich culture that is our own. We all mean well though the outcome may prove otherwise, hence the double intention of our page line: ‘It Means Good”. Our mission is to educate people about our experience through positivity, love and power.

Like everyone else on planet earth, we are in a very unique time, and we stand with those who are fighting for what is right and just in the world. With the intent to shift a heavier focus on brick & mortar locations, we aim to provide a genuine experience to your customers on a refreshing and personal level. With the landscape of retail rapidly changing, we believe working together provides us with a unique and important opportunity to tell our story and most importantly, impact people together. 
Bendiciones y Muchas Gracias